Jun 23, 2010

First Farming Training - Katse

We kicked off the new farming season with a serious road trip!
(For those of you who don’t know, we teach a farming method different to conventional agriculture called Farming God’s Way or Foundations For Farming. To find information on our method, Foundations For Farming please click here)

7 of us left Rehobothe on the morning of the 3rd of June to meet up with Johan (a contact from Bloemfontein SA who is working into the Katse region of Lesotho) in a small town in Lesotho called Hlotse.

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Let’s all remember that we are in the middle of winter and that 2 of us had to go in the back of the Land rover. The temperature was well below freezing, but felt much colder with the wind chill. We don’t have any pictures as it was too early and too dark!

View From Mafika Lisiu Pass 

Once we met up at Hlotse we jumped into Johan’s vehicle and made our way up the pass to the lovely Bokong Nature Reserve Visitors’ Centre, where we had a break to stretch our legs and warm ourselves up with a very welcome cup of coffee.

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We even had a chance to get in touch with nature!

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An hour later, at 10am, we arrive in the outskirts of Katse village at a Baptist Church where we were to do the training.




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The training got under way and the people enjoyed all 5 hours of the training, with loads of questions right the way through. What legends! Don’t know if I could do that!


101 119

On the whole the training went really well with over 20 people receiving training and we have built some great relationships for the future.

We eventually got home at 8pm to a wonderful meal that Jo had cooked and were able to look back on a very successful day. We look forward to seeing what God is going to do all the way up there in Katse.